Sustainable Practices

Stuart Dean has developed a Green Committee consisting of executive members, general managers, operations managers, sales managers and administrators tasked with enhancing our green initiatives. As a national member of the Green Building Council – as well as many local chapters – Stuart Dean is working with leaders to establish green standards within our industry.

We are proactive in our efforts to become more environmentally efficient and provide our customers with solutions that qualify for additional LEED points. Our national purchasing manager works closely with all vendors to research and develop materials and processes that conform to the standards established by Green Seal, Scientific Certification Systems, and other certification bodies.

Along with our fleet management company, we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint by replacing older vehicles with new model vehicles that conform to current emission standards. We have also modernized our vehicles to include installation ramps, allowing equipment to be loaded without unnecessary strain on the work force.


  • Joint venture partners with CSG, provider of foremost anti-pollution surface treatments for commercial office building facades and glass windows. CSG “PURETi Clean & Clear” products are LEED point qualified.
  • Strategic alliance partner with GlasWeld Incorporated, which provides field-applied maintenance services to extend life of glass windows and reduce the production of non-recyclable glass destined for landfills.