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Frameless glass balustrades. Decorative laminated glass canopies. Crystal clear low-iron float glass atriums. Historic restoration glass.From stunning clarity to frosted privacy, to back painted vibrancy or etched impact, architectural glass frames life spectacularly.

Yet its very nature makes it vulnerable to damage from the elements, contamination, chemicals, vandalism, and use wear.

Glass requires the highly specialized skills of trained professionals for proper assessment and repair. Stuart Dean has the expertise to remove imperfections from glass, repair damage, restore transparency and renew optical clarity to improve aesthetic value.

Stuart Dean is committed to glass restoration on an international level. The company invests in equipment, standards, training, relationships, research and continued development to properly assess and complete glass restoration jobs quickly and professionally.

Our glass restoration process uses specifically designed equipment that includes a wide range of repair solutions, such as replacing glass damaged by scratches, weld spatter, vandalism, atmospheric contaminants or other causes.

Investments in research, development and sourcing have made Stuart Dean technicians the best equipped in the industry for solving a plethora of glass repair needs.

Before & After Gallery

Watch the architectural surface transition from its prior state to after it was restored by Stuart Dean.

Glass Polishing 2
Glass Polishing 2

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