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In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we now offer our TouchPoint Clear Coat Service to assist in germ mitigation. This service is protects high volume architectural metal touch-points with a clear coat finish containing an antimicrobial additive of silver nanoparticles. The natural biocidal quality of the silver persists as long as the clear coat is intact. High volume touch-points include but are not limited to:

  • Handrails
  • Door Handles
  • Security Turnstiles
  • Security Desks
  • Handicap Access Push Plates
  • Elevator Call Button Panels

“The use of silver in medicine dates back thousands of years, and scientists have long known that the metal is a potent antibacterial agent.”1

The eerily titled article Silver turns bacteria into deadly zombies describes how ” … silver’s ‘zombie effect’ has gone unrecognized-until now. To uncover this grisly mechanism, scientists2 first killed a sample of the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa using a solution of silver nitrate. Then, they carefully separated the dead bacteria from the silver solution. When they exposed living bacteria to the dead, they witnessed a microscopic massacre: Up to 99.99% of the living bacteria met their doom.1

A recent study, authored by NASA scientists for the 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, states “Silver ion is a proven broad spectrum biocide.”3

Used separately, or combined with the germ-killing Touch⨁Point Disinfectant Service4 , Stuart Dean’s Touch⨁Point Clear Coat Service offers added protection to touchpoint surfaces. Stuart Dean knows metal – and coatings. Stuart Dean’s disinfectant process4 will not degrade the finish applied with our Touch⨁Point Clear Coat Service.

We hope that you stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your continued trust in Stuart Dean.

1 Emily Conover. Silver turns bacteria into deadly zombies. AAAS,

2 Wakshlak, R., Pedahzur, R. & Avnir, D. Antibacterial activity of silver-killed bacteria: the “zombies” effect. Sci Rep 5, 9555 (2015).

3 Wenyan Li  and Luz M. Calle NASA, Kennedy Space Center, FL, 32899 and Anthony J. Hanford, Imelda Stambaugh and Michael R. Callahan, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, 77058 Investigation of Silver Biocide as a Disinfection Technology for Spacecraft – An Early Literature Review

4 Stuart Dean’s Touch⨁Point Disinfectant Service uses a ~75% solution of isopropyl alcohol, in line with the CDC’s recommendation of solutions greater than 70% for disinfecting surfaces.