restoration & maintenance of architectural surfaces since 1932


As the leader in the industry and a national provider of metal, stone, wood and glass restoration and maintenance, Stuart Dean provides customers with environmentally conscious solutions wherever possible. At Stuart Dean, we recognize our responsibility to our customers, public safety and environmental stewardship. Working with our fleet management company, we are reducing our carbon footprint by replacing older vehicles with newer model vehicles that conform to modern emission standards.  We are partnering with manufacturers of water-based high-performance fluoropolymer coatings for facades and low VOC LEED approved clear coatings for architectural surfaces. All field offices use recyclable towels and masking paper.

We are dedicated to working with vendors and strategic partners to develop green initiatives to ensure that we will build on our reputation of Generations of Excellence for years to come.

Corporate Sustainability Statement

  1. We will continue to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, maintain industry leading company standards, and conduct regular internal reviews to verify compliance.
  2. We encourage conservation of natural resources, recycling, source reduction and pollution control to ensure cleaner air and water and to reduce landfill wastes.
  3. We share environmental best practices across the company and consider our potential environmental impact in our daily decision-making process.
  4. We monitor emerging environmental issues and keep abreast of regulatory changes, technological innovations and stakeholder interests. Working with governments, academia, non-governmental organizations, business associations and other interested stakeholders; we continue to develop effective and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges faced in our business activities.
  5. We have established policies to monitor our environmental performance and we use these to set goals for continuous improvement and to reduce our carbon footprint.
  6. We have implemented environmental management systems to identify and manage environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.
  7. We actively work with our suppliers, vendors and customers to recognize and reduce the environmental impact of our services, and their products, to the environment.
  8. We regularly review the company’s performance since implementation of this statement.
  9. The Stuart Dean Company is committed to this sustainability statement at every level of the organization.