Technology in Delivering Service Commitments

Information Technology (IT) applications and services allow businesses to access tools and and information for operational processes and daily tasks.

At Stuart Dean, we strive to deliver an informed service experience.  We understand that integrating technology is vital in achieving this goal. From ensuring compliance and procedure adherence in the execution of work by our technicians and affording transparency for customers and management alike, we have implemented appropriate technology to provide the necessary visibility and value in our service commitments to you.


Technicians & Tablets

Leveraging the capabilities of tablets (or other handheld devices), we have streamlined how our technicians are informed of their assigned work. Detailed descriptions and instructions of tasks for the posted jobs are uploaded to their tablets daily.

Safety and other field work-related training is also deployed via tablets to keep field workers/technicians current with safety regulations and state-of-the-art methods in the various disciplines.

Infrastructure and Data Security

With our distributed network of offices and our growing number of field employees, cybersecurity is critical to protecting sensitive data.  Our security measures include firewalls, antivirus software, and multifactor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and to safeguard our networks and customer, employee, and other company data.

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