Architectural Stone: Making Spaces and items Visually Appealing and Durable

Stone” is a hard solid nonmetallic mineral matter of which specific types are typically used as building materials.

In past eras, prestigious buildings were known for using rare marble and intricate stone applications. They were constructed to convey a sense of power and success. Artisans would build grand lobbies to showcase a building.

Today, with the advent of dimensional stone – i.e., a stone that has been cut and shaped to specific sizes or shapes for construction or architectural applications — its use has become more ubiquitous due to its relative affordability. Their use can range from lobby floors, where they are visually inviting standing up to wear and tear, to countertops and more, making them aesthetically pleasing and durable for regular use.


We Do Them All: Marble, Granite, Terrazzo and more!

If it is a variety of stone — no matter what type — used in architecture or construction, Stuart Dean is at hand to restore and maintain it.

Buildings of yesteryear — with imposing structures to show wealth and stability – will undoubtedly have suffered from the deleterious inevitability of use and exposure to the elements and losing their luster over time. Our artisans can help restore them to their near-original splendor.

With newer buildings, using appropriate methods of grinding (with diamond abrasives), honing, polishing, and crystallization, among others, we can restore them to their original look after they have dulled over time.

Many Stone Types and Items

We work with various types of stone in various shapes and sizes.  Here are some of the typical types of stone and their typical uses.

Experienced Technicians

As with the floors and other stonework they work on, the skills of our technicians are also honed with several years of experience.  Drawing on their knowledge base and the stringent training of processes and procedures on various substrates afforded to them by Stuart Dean, the quality of their work can always be depended on.

Keep it Gleaming 

Once the surfaces are restored to provide the surface you are looking for, our periodic maintenance programs will keep it in looking good for several years.  Programs are built based on our expert knowledge of the surface in question and budget availability.  Ask us for details of our maintenance programs.

Inquire for Maintenance

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Metal Metal

Create and maintain attractive finishes on architectural metal to fit the look you want.


Wood Wood

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Facade Facade

Revive and create a long-lasting look to your facades with high-performance coatings.


Ancillary Ancillary

Our Ancillary Services add a complementary dimension to reinforce the enhanced aesthetics and functionality of the facility.

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