Wood in Construction and Design

For thousands of years, wood has been used to create and add to buildings’ visual appeal and comfort.   Its use in construction and design dates back to ancient civilizations.

From east to west, wood had been embraced in various forms – decorative moldings, ornate paneling, and furniture – adorning grand palaces and mansions throughout history.

In contemporary architecture, wood remains a popular choice, where it is used for structural and aesthetic purposes, embracing its natural beauty and ability to create warmth and inviting spaces.

Refinishing and Preserving Wood

Environmental conditions and use can change the richness and look of wood surfaces and artifacts.  Our experts, with years of experience, review the damage and devise a plan to revive the affected surfaces.  Further, they will put forward a cost-effective plan to maintain the revived surfaces or artifacts to ensure that they continue to look and remain their best for years to come.

Historic or Modern – We Have the Expertise.

Stuart Dean has the technical expertise to restore wood surfaces and artifacts that have a historical significance and aged over time due to inattention or modern ones which have deteriorated due to excessive exposure to the elements or abuse.  Our skilled technicians have restored many objects and surfaces to the satisfaction of many customers.

Examples of Wood Surface/Materials and Items

We can restore and maintain various wood types used in different applications.  Some examples of items and wood types we have dealt with in the past are given here.  This list is not exhaustive, though.  If you are unsure whether the type of wood or artifact you have can be restored, please send your inquiry by clicking below.

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