Architectural Metal: Projecting the Right Image

Metal plays a vital role in a building’s appearance: Ornate or subtle, architectural metal creates and projects an image of the property.

Whether it is elevator doors, escalator balustrades, railings, or a myriad of other metal objects and structures in a building, collectively, they impact the building’s overall look.

Your Image – Your Choice

Whether you are trying to do a complete makeover — choosing a different style to the one you currently have — or just cleaning up and rejuvenating metal surfaces that have lost their visual appeal, we have several processes to choose from to enhance the metal.

Of course, if you are unsure, we will happily let you know what suits your requirements or project best.

Processes that Enliven Metal to Your Preferred Look

We offer many processes that can achieve the look you are looking for.  Below are some of those we offer:

Oxidation: A chemical process that darkens alloys

Blackening Stainless-steel:  Change the look of your stainless steel by darkening it to your preferred color

Creating a stainless steel look: We can transform your brass alloys to a stainless-steel look, saving you re-cladding costs for elevators, entranceways, and more

Clean & Clear coat: As a regular maintenance item, this can help protect the surfaces and keep them looking their best

Expert Artisans Delivering on Expectations

Historic or modern, our expert and experienced technicians can restore and maintain all architectural metal surfaces.

With decades of experience passed down, each of our trained and skilled metal restoration technicians will evaluate the work required for the items under consideration. They will then plan accordingly to provide the look you are looking for.

Examples of Metal Surface and Items

We can work with many types of metals and use various processes that either rejuvenate the surface’s original look or transform it.

Some examples of the items and metals we are typically requested to enliven are shown here.  This list is not exhaustive.  Inquire for more information.

Maintain for Aesthetics and Safety

Rusty railings, scratched elevator doors and escalator balustrades, or other imperfect metal surfaces do not project a pleasing and safe image of the property. Maintaining their upkeep is essential for the overall look they project and their structural integrity. The safety of these structures is a crucial reason to ensure that they are maintained periodically to assure occupants and visitors of their integrity.

Our maintenance programs are structured to ensure the item’s continued visual appearance and safety while considering budgetary considerations. Ask us for details of our maintenance programs.

Contact us for Maintenance

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