Architectural Façades Make a Statement!

The interface between any building and its environment is its Façade.

This interface gives the building’s structure a chance to make a visual statement and convey the value it stands for. The design and materials chosen in a building’s construction are purposeful and meant to make an impact. A building’s Façade can project its commitment to energy efficiency and proudly display its harmony or showcase its uniqueness and presence between its structure and the surrounding environment.

Stuart Dean’s Façade work helps repair and rejuvenate jaded facades and restores and extends the life of the exterior of buildings.

Solutions to Lessen Environmental Impact

Regardless of its construction, the exterior of the building is undoubtedly exposed to the vagaries of the elements and, therefore, should be protected to minimize wear and tear.

Depending on the façade or curtain wall’s construction, Stuart Dean offers a variety of solutions – such as anodized aluminum restoration and field-applied coatings — to mitigate against the need for frequent repair and upkeep and help prevent rapid surface deterioration, thus reducing overall maintenance costs.

Anodized Aluminum Restoration

Stuart Dean offers comprehensive anodized aluminum façade restoration services employing tried and tested techniques to ensure quality and longevity.  From meticulous cleaning, gentle polishing, and precise anodizing touch-up solutions to, when necessary, full-scale restoration, we can bring back and preserve the original aesthetic appeal and performance of your façades.  Contact us for more details.


Field-Applied Architectural Coatings

You can experience excellence with our specialized field-applied architectural coating services for facades. From high-quality paints, stains, and clear coatings to effective sealants and anti-graffiti solutions, we offer comprehensive protection against environmental factors while elevating the visual impact of your structure.

We partner with renowned coating manufacturers to provide high-performance, industry-leading solutions. Our teams train diligently to achieve certified applicator status from each manufacturer utilizing their filed-applied fluoropolymer systems. When applied by experts, these systems can offer 15+ years of extended service life and aesthetic appeal to your properties’ façades.

The Stuart Dean Difference

Our attention to detail and the stringent quality control/assurance process employed from a project’s inception to completion is what sets us apart. Our highly skilled and certified technicians are trained to understand the importance of following manufacturer application guidelines. When applying high-performance coating systems in the field, limiting as many variables as possible, protecting all adjacent surfaces, and adhering to product installation specifications are critical. Environmental readings are taken each day onsite to ensure the conditions for application are within bounds. Surfaces are prepared to receive the new coating system utilizing NACE-specified protocols. These steps, along with monitoring the film thickness of each layer applied, ensure the coating’s aesthetic, performance, and longevity are optimized.

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Ancillary Ancillary

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