Chandelier Cleaning
Case Study

Chandelier Cleaning

RH Las Vegas, The Gallery at Tivoli Village, is built in the style of Restoration Hardware’s next-generation classical-contemporary design gallery. The gallery’s offerings are divided among four levels in a 60,000-square-foot retail experience featuring artistic installations of home furnishings.

RH Chairman and CEO Gary Friedman’s collaboration with James Gillam of the firm Backen, Gillam & Kroeger is driving this new retail concept. These new design galleries are transforming the Restoration Hardware experience.

The Challenge

Keeping the chandeliers in pristine condition is essential to the design concept of the space as they project rainbows around the showroom, when clean. Access was the biggest challenge in servicing these chandeliers.

Eighteen of the twenty-three Helix Tiered Spiral Chandeliers, nine per side, are confined within the four-story grand ‘floating’ staircases. To further complicate matters, the chandeliers are suspended on cables from the 64′ ceiling, 3 per cable, per side.

As the upscale gallery remained open to customers while the service was performed, service had to be scheduled while the store was closed. The fixtures were cleaned overnight, generally between 2am. and 10am.

The Solution

The crew used a ground-based lift to clean the lower 5 chandeliers within each staircase. Great care had to be taken to position each cable-run of chandeliers to allow access, all the while protecting adjacent surfaces.

Scaffolding was erected to provide access to the upper 4 chandeliers in each staircase.

An enclosure encased each chandelier as it was cleaned to collect water used in the cleaning process that employs a patented system, available exclusively from Stuart Dean.

The Benefits

  • Burnt out bulbs were replaced during the cleaning.
  • Day to Day business was not interrupted.
  • The entire project was completed in 3 evenings.
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