Cooper University Hospital
Case Study

Cooper University Hospital

Cooper University Hospital is the leading provider of health services to southern New Jersey and has been a vital institution in Camden for 125 years.

A hospital expansion added 312,000 sq. ft. of space, which included 12 operating room suites, 60 private surgical rooms, 30 beds in the intensive care unit and 12,000 additional sq. ft. of emergency care space.

The new expansion and improved amenities were geared toward creating a serene, patient-friendly environment conducive to healing.

The Challenge

During construction, the new exterior glass, was etched by welding burns which could not be removed with typical cleaning. Stuart Dean was hired to polish the marks from the glass to save on glass replacement.

The Solution

Restoration involved machine polishing of the affected areas of the glass while causing the least amount of disruption to hospital patients.

The Benefits

Stuart Dean was able to restore the glass, which enabled Cooper University Hospital to save on costs associated with glass replacement.

Hospital staff members were happy with the results. They found Stuart Dean’s technicians to be sensitive to patients and their families while working quickly and professionally throughout the length of the project.

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