Field Applied Fluoropolymer Coatings

Field Applied Fluoropolymer Coatings

Stuart Dean’s Clear Coat Systems: The Coatings of Choice for Protecting Architectural Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum is the most commonly seen architectural metal in the world today. Almost every fast food chain, shopping mall, and the vast majority of office buildings employ it for their entry doors, window frames and façade panels. Ironically, given its ubiquitous appearance in the landscape, few know the name of this “workhorse” of architectural metals.

Anodized Aluminum can be quickly and permanently scarred by automotive emission residue, acid rain and ultraviolet light (among other things). Once these surfaces are damaged, property owners are faced with costly restorative expenses or, in extreme cases, extraordinarily costly replacement schemes running to tens of million of dollars. Worst-case scenarios include replacement of the entire curtain wall.

Protecting anodized surfaces, especially window frames and panels on the curtain wall of buildings, is a critical component of maintaining a building’s attractive appearance and service life. Fortunately, Stuart Dean’s Clear Coating systems can be applied quickly and inexpensively to provide just the type of protective clear layer that can extend anodized aluminum’s service life indefinitely.

Special Note to Developers and Architects:

PREVENT COSTLY DAMAGE BY PROTECTING NEW INSTALLATIONS. The Stuart Dean Clear Coat Systems are the materials of choice for protecting anodized surfaces on buildings of any type and should be considered required protective coatings for all new construction.

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