South Station Bus Terminal
Case Study

South Station Bus Terminal

The South Station Bus Terminal is a historic bus station in Boston, MA.

Stuart Dean was tapped by the terminal’s management firm, The Codman Company, to perform a one-time restoration of the building’s façade.

The Challenge

Years of train exhaust had formed severe diesel deposits on fascia panels directly above train tracks. The panels had been treated with a high-performance coating but were due for a major cleaning.

Additionally, because the South Station Bus Terminal operates nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Stuart Dean had to make sure that runoff from cleaning did not drip off the wall panels and contact the tracks below.

The Solution

Stuart Dean cleaned the building with 100-percent cotton towels and Simple Green.

To avoid interference with the building’s busy schedule, Stuart Dean’s façade restoration technicians cleaned the panels by working above the adjacent train tracks between midnight and 5:00 AM.

A special davit rigging system was implemented by Safeworks.

Stuart Dean completed the cleaning in less than two working weeks.

The Benefits

Stuart Dean was able to completely remove the unsightly soot buildup, eliminating an eyesore familiar to millions of Boston commuters.

The company refinished the soot- and grime-plagued Alpolic fascia panels above the railroad tracks leading into South Station. The before-and-after difference was dramatic, and the job was completed safely and ahead of schedule.

Working at odd hours in a difficult environment, the Stuart Dean technicians exceeded the client’s expectations. Their planning, supervision and execution was flawless. 

Stuart Dean was asked to perform a follow-up cleaning.

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