Stuart Dean Metal Care Tips
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Stuart Dean Metal Care Tips

Stuart Dean’s refinishing process involves cleaning and finishing your metal surfaces and covering them with a protective clear coating.

It is important to stress to your maintenance staff and extremely important to convey to the cleaning staff that they are not cleaning the metal, they are cleaning the protective coating that is on top of the metal. As a result, they should keep the following in mind:

  • Metal cleaners and polishes such as Brasso are unnecessary. In fact, these materials can actually damage and cause premature breakdown of the protective clear coating. Ammonia-based cleaners (ie. Windex) can also weaken the protective coating.
  • A soft, damp cloth is usually all that is required to clean clear coated metal. Occasionally, a mild detergent such as Ivory Liquid can be used to remove stubborn dirt build up. When drying, soft, cotton cloths should be used.
  • All cleaning motion must be done in the direction of the metal’s grain. Even on a mirrored surface like polished stainless steel, there is a fine grain to the metal. The wiping motion must be in a straight line. Avoid “swirling” or crisscross motions that can damage the protective coating and harm the metal’s appearance.
  • It is recommended that your window washing company use a mild detergent like Joy or Ivory to clean windows that are enclosed in clear coated or painted metal. Water run-off on metal surfaces should be wiped with a clean, soft, cotton cloth. Note that a squeegee dragged across the metal will damage the clear coat.
  • If you need to disinfect your metal surfaces, care must be taken. In most cases, on interior surfaces, Stuart Dean uses a nitrocellulose-based clear coat that can be cleaned with no ill effects using an isopropyl alcohol solution. Stronger solutions or harsher chemicals can damage the finish.

Following these procedures will greatly improve both the longevity and the appearance of your coated metal. Contact your local Stuart Dean office if you are unsure of the best means to maintain your clear coated metal.

Keep ice melt, animal urine, acid cleaners and power washing away from the metal. Call us when you need assistance with a maintenance program which will keep the metal looking its best year round.

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