restoration & maintenance of architectural surfaces since 1932


Chandeliers and decorative fixtures are delicate and can be difficult to clean properly. Environmental contaminants including dust, condensation, chemical & water residue from past cleaning can dull crystals.

Stuart Dean can clean your chandeliers using our exclusive, patented Advanced Directional Atomizing Cleaning (ADAC) system.  What are the ADAC benefits?

  • Speed – Our process is 3x faster than traditional hand-cleaning methods.
  • Effectiveness – Our chemical-free system, using de-ionized, reverse osmosis water combined with heat, ensures your fixtures are spot-free.
  • Touch-Free –  Crystals remain on the fixture and are only gently manipulated during the cleaning.
  • Non-Intrusive – Work is scheduled during off-hours, meaning a minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.  The work is generally confined to an area not much larger than the footprint of your chandelier.

Stuart Dean will let the light shine through your newly cleaned crystals.