Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning

The Jewelry of Architecture

Ornate or simple, historic or contemporary, chandeliers and decorative fixtures enhance a space in a unique and appealing way. From illumination of a grand entranceway with a floating staircase to the nuanced and intimate lighting in a private dining room, the quality of light is unique to the crystals that refract it.

Difficulty in Cleaning

Chandeliers and decorative light fixtures are delicate and difficult to clean properly. Fixtures and crystals come in many different sizes and shapes. Some cleaning methods, while well-intended, can even damage these treasures.

Crystals can be dulled by a number of contaminants including:

Dust – fine particles of solid material from pollen, vehicle exhaust, pollution and other sources.

Cooking Residue – grease residue left on fixtures near buffet lines, kitchens and food prep areas.

Condensation – unsightly water etch marks left on fixtures that do not wipe off with ease.

Chemical and Water Residue – residue from cleaning chemicals not only leaves a film, but can damage parts of the chandelier, causing corrosion.

Our Process: Patented Technology for Cleaning Chandeliers and Decorative Fixtures

Stuart Dean is the exclusive licensee to the patented technology that allows us to clean chandeliers and decorative fixtures safely and quickly. The Advanced Directional Atomizing Cleaning (ADAC) system is a unique system designed exclusively for cleaning chandeliers and decorative light fixtures using water that has 99.9% of impurities removed. This system, with an assortment of attachments allows us to clean areas of fixtures that are impossible to clean by hand.

The benefits are:

Speed – Our process is 80% faster than traditional hand-cleaning methods.

Effectiveness – Our chemical-free system, using deionized, reverse osmosis water combined with heat, ensures your fixtures are spot-free.

Virtually Touch-Free – The fixture is cleaned in-place. Crystals remain on the fixture and are only gently manipulated during the cleaning.

Non-Intrusive – Work is scheduled during off-hours, meaning a minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. The work is generally confined to an area not much larger than the footprint of your chandelier.

The Stuart Dean Way

At Stuart Dean our goal is to clean and beautify your chandeliers and decorative fixtures, allowing the multi-hued refracted light of the crystals to illuminate your space. This process is chemical-free and available exclusively from Stuart Dean.

As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, we are committed to using environmentally-conscious products and processes. We actively work with our vendor/ partners to develop green solutions to maintenance and restoration needs.

This is our promise to you: InnovationQualitySustainability.

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