Façade Service

Façade Service

The Façade of a Building is the Structure’s Introduction to the World.

The Role and Importance of Façades

It’s the first thing others see as they approach a building, but it’s usually the last thing to be properly maintained. Typically consisting of metal, glass, and stone, the façade—or “curtain wall” in architectural terms—functions as the long-term weather barrier that protects the people and property within its enclosure. Its design and appearance also makes an image statement to the community in which it resides.

Elements Affecting Surface Deterioration

All too often, building façades are not maintained. As a result, surfaces meant to be bright and shiny become dull and weathered by an array of harmful elements, including:

Water – Acid rain and fog, salt water near the coastline.

Hot and Cold Cycles – Thermal stress from expansion and contraction of façade materials.

Sunlight – Ultraviolet radiation that bleaches and burns.

Wind/Particulate Matter – Blasting and abrasive material degrades surfaces.

Chemicals – Environmental pollutants, pesky birds, and damaging cleaning compounds.

Glass and metal have been the most popular building façade materials in the past half-century. Although both are durable, they are surprisingly susceptible to deterioration from environmental forces and deferred maintenance.

Our Process

Stuart Dean’s scientific approach to restoration carefully removes dulling, soil and pollutants. Surfaces are then protected with high-performance architectural coatings that renew the luster and protect the appearance of metal curtain wall systems and building façades. Stuart Dean restores architectural metal to pristine condition on buildings of any size.

Field-Applied Architectural Coatings – We specialize in the field application of Fluoropolymer Coating Systems which have 30+ years of service life.

Anodized Aluminum Restoration – Stuart Dean specialists make aged anodized aluminum look new and extends its service life, avoiding costly options such as replacement.

Metal Care – Our systems renew the luster, protect, and modernize the appearance of architectural metal curtain wall systems and building façades.

Glass Care – Stuart Dean polishes glass to remove corrosive etchings and restore its original finish.

The Stuart Dean Way

Stuart Dean doesn’t simply restore your valuable façade. Stuart Dean’s goal is to protect, enhance and beautify America’s architecture. As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, we are committed to using environmentally-friendly products and actively work with our vendor/partners to develop sustainable solutions for restoration & preservation needs.

This is our promise to you: InnovationQualitySustainability.

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